What is PLA MIX?
PLA MIX is a filament for users for whom color is not important. During the production we produce filaments of various colors which doesn’t suit our color chart, or there is transition from one color to another. The quality of the filament however remains unchanged. Leave the choice of the color to us;)
PLA is the most common filament used for 3D printing. It is bio-degradable as it comes from corn starch’s sugar mainly. It is completely made of renewable sources and has no footprint on polluting. PLA stands for Polylactic Acid and it is a thermoplastic that today is still considered the easiest material to be 3D printed. Recommended settings:

Hotend temperature: 195°C -225°C
Build surface temperature: 20°C  – 60°C
Fan:  20 – 50%
Working temperature range: 0°C – 60°C
Printing speed: 40 – 120 mm/s
Net weight: 1Kg


Weight N/A
PLA MATTE MIX filament


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