ASA Plus builds upon a great foundation of it’s predecessor. With its special formulation, that lowers the shrinkage rate and improves layer adhesion, it is now much easier to print on a wider range of 3D printers. With its improved flow the material deposition is better and more precise, giving you better surface finish and more defined details on your 3D printed parts. ASA plus is also UV ray resistant, which makes it a perfect material for making parts that are intended for outdoor use. The mechanical properties are as good if not better than standard ABS plastic. Post processing of parts is similar as with standard ABS plastic.

Recommended settings:

Hotend temperature: 220°C -265°C
Build surface temperature: 90°C  -115°C
Fan: 0 – 30%
Working temperature range: -45°C – 95°C
Printing speed: 40 – 120 mm/s
ASA PLUS filament

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