Do you find regular PLA too shiny for your taste?

Matte PLA might be just the thing you are looking for!

It has a premium matte finish that resembles ABS filaments while retaining the ease of printability that PLA provides.

Matte is especially good with prints that care about fine details, sharp edges, angles and moving parts. Its aesthetics and quality are superb for industrial design, product design and technical engineering models.

Matte finish is also ideal for applications where it’s crucial to reduce reflectivity like printing of photography accessories such as hoods and surrounds of camera lenses where light reflexes could ruin your shot.

It also has better mechanical properties than regular PLA including a higher tensile strength, impact resistance and lower module of elasticity which means that it is not brittle as standard PLA.

Matte PLA doesn’t require a closed printer but a heated printing bed is recommended. It produces no smell while printing while being safe and environmentally friendly. Printing with it is effortless which is great for both beginners and experts. It rarely warps or cracks and has amazing layer adhesion which makes it suitable for large size model printing.

Its bed adhesion is very strong so the first layer height should be adjusted because on some types of printing surfaces it sticks so well that it could damage the printing surface (ex. BuildTak). Lowering the bed temperature and first layer printing temperature can help remove the printed objects from the surface as well.

Regular PLA filaments can be quite brittle, but the additives in matte PLA make it bendy, tough and not easy to break. This means the filament won’t snap midway through a print which could force you to stop printing.

You will also save time on post processing as the finally products won’t be as stringy, it’s also very easy to sand, carve and cut, which will make your job a lot easier

Made in Slovenia

Recommended settings:

Nozzle Temperature: 210°C ± 15°C
Print Speed: 30 – 80 mm/s
Layer height: 0,2 mm
Bed Temperature: 20-60°C
Bed Surface: Garolite, PEI, Blue tape, Kapton tape, glass bed
Nozzle: Standard brass

PLA MATTE filament

13.99 50.90  z DDV

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